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Next Cave game Deathsmiles coming to PC via Steam in 2016

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After Mushihimesama, Degica begins work in porting from another Cave game stamped for the PC, Deathsmiles. Notice to lovers of Gothic lolis (and shoot ’em up).

Like previously announced, Cave focuses on numerous shoot ’em up from the era of Xbox 360 to the destination owing for PC via Steam. After a first test, visibly successful, with Mushihimesama, the developer will deliver the shortly covered game alongwith Deathsmiles. Released in Japan in 2009 on Xbox 360, the title had been, among others, localized two years later via Rising Star Games in Europe.

Deathsmiles Screenshot
Deathsmiles Screenshot

It is in the spring that the fans will rediscover the game on Steam. Degica, the publisher, has also released a first trailer of Deathsmiles to make us wait for the time being.

With any luck, Cave will also deal soon to Deathsmiles II, the sequel that had never deigned to come out in Europe. Boasting a price of $19.99, Deathsmiles first part will offer a co-op mode online or offline and will be made ​​available alongside the soundtrack and a DLC to complement the Japanese voice cinematics.

Note that, this is a horizontal side scrolling shoot ’em up arcade style game that initially debuted in arcades theaters in Japan in 2007. Later Deathsmiles arrived on Xbox 360 and mobile devices. This was the second game coming to Steam Cave, following the launch of Mushihimesama on PC, which made ​​its appearance in the digital platform Valve last month.

Watch the trailer below: