Next Call of Duty settings revealed by a greeting card?

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We know that Sledgehammer Games is currently working on the next episode of Call of Duty, but until now the studio has not yet revealed any details about the game. A Happy New Year greeting card, however, could give us some ideas about the settings of this game.

Michael Condrey (co-founder of Sledgehammer Games) released on Twitter a promotional postcard wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. So far, nothing is unusual here, though many have noticed that the weapon depicted in the image is a M1911 pistol, weapon reported by Wikipedia, is associated with a very specific period of time: “Designed by John Browning, the M1911 is the best-known of his designs to use the short recoil principle in its basic design.”

It could be a simple case, or of a clear reference, as indeed there are so many rumors that players would like the studio to work on a Call of Duty in the historic setting, a precise choice of Activision that would like to ride the tow of Battlefield 1 abandoning temporarily futuristic setting of Advanced Warfare, Black Ops III and Infinite Warfare. We just have to wait to learn more about the next Call of Duty, whose reveal should be expected as usual during the spring.