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Next Batman Game leaked by Warner Bros Montreal?

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With Batman Arkham VR, Rocksteady has finally closed the adventures of the Dark Knight but hardly Warner Bros abandon a franchise so popular, so much so that according to some speculations WB Montreal could be working on a new title dedicated to the Batman.


The Warner Bros. Montreal studio group may be working on a new installment in the series of Batman: Arkham. The rumor leaked from some images released by the Canadian software house for the recruitment of new staff, evidently useful to the realization of a new game.

The speculation comes from some pictures dated October 2015, used in a promotional video of the studio: on the screen of the programmers one can notice structures and characters that bring to mind the adventures of the Dark Knight. You can find more images of the game development at this link.

In the images you can clearly see the presence of the Dark Knight, a sure sign that the game is in process very closely.

Warner Bros. Montreal has already worked on the franchise of Batman: Arkham, proposing the prequel Origins, and could therefore give breath to Rocksteady for the development of a new chapter, or IP.

For the rest, however, it is a mere speculation and it is possible that the video was made with archival film footage dating back to the times of the development of Batman Arkham Origins. The situation is not clear, for some time, however, we speak of a new Batman game in the works at WB Montreal, starring Damian Wayne, son of Bruce.