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New Xbox One update Adds The “Do Not Disturb” Option

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Microsoft has released a new update of Xbox One and Xbox One X for Insider members: this update introduces three new features, some of which are very popular with the community, such as the “Do Not Disturb” option.

The update 1802.180105-1503 brings the ability to rearrange the trophies based on the rarity, adds the Mini Game Hub with useful information on running games and finally the option of “Do Not Disturb” is made available, which will prevent the arrival of pop-up notifications during the game.

The function is designed for those people who want to play without being disturbed by messages of friend requests, invitations to a group or other notifications while remaining online. Selecting the “Do Not Disturb” option will change your online status and thus avoid being distracted by the notifications that appear on the screen.

Finally, it will be possible to program the shutdown of the console after a certain period of hours from power up, this is very useful in particular to protect from the young or to ensure the shutdown after a download when we are away from home.

The update is now available for Insider members and should be downloadable by everyone during the month of January.