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New Super Lucky’s Tale for Switch Release Date Revealed

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Playful Corp. recently confirmed the release of Super Lucky’s Tale on Nintendo Switch. It is not just another premiere of the platform, as the studio worked on many improvements that will be available for the hybrid console.

The title came to Xbox One and PC in 2017, but if you have not had the opportunity to try it, you may be interested to know that the version for Switch already has a release date. Through its Twitter account, Playful Corp. confirmed that New Super Lucky’s Tale will arrive at the eShop on November 8.

To accompany the news, the studio released a new trailer, which introduces us to the charismatic protagonist and some of its abilities. In addition, it is the ideal opportunity to see the fun that the title will offer and some of its improvements.

Playful Corp. confirmed that the title can already be pre-purchased. New Super Lucky’s Tale will be offered in both physical and digital format. Below I leave you with its new trailer:

It is important to note that the new title retains the mechanics, characters and levels of the original title. However, there were general graphics improvements and some levels were redesigned to offer a better gaming experience.

In addition, motion controls were added, camera movement was optimized and aspects of art, music, sound in general and the user interface were renewed. This version is now confirmed only for the Nintendo console.

New Super Lucky’s Tale for Nintendo Switch will release on November 8.