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New Splinter Cell game trademark registered by Ubisoft

The rumors that a Splinter Cell sequel is in the making, are becoming more concrete. There are indeed found new clues about it. Ubisoft has requested a new trademark for Splinter Cell.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist appeared in 2013 with the latest offshoot of the Splinter Cell Franchises. Since then there has been no news or hints for a sequel, even if the series around the agent Sam Fisher can build on a large fanbase.

The question is whether Ubisoft has planned a possible successor to Sam Fisher. However, the Group has recently extended the name rights for the brand. On 28.05.2017 the trademark took place, thus shortly before the E3 2017 course this circumstance seems to be a clear evidence for a possible further part of the game.

Through the website of Justia, which maintains a list of all games applied for trademarks, it was announced that Ubisoft has requested a new brand name for Splinter Cell. The trademark shows that it was applied only recently, on May 28 this year.

There were already rumors that a new Splinter Cell was in the making. In August last year a user posted on NeoGAF that a new Splinter Cell was in the making. It was also mentioned that Michael Ironside would return as the voice of Sam Fisher.

With the trademark of Ubisoft it seems a new Splinter Cell will eventually come to exist. It’s been almost four years since Splinter Cell Blacklist came into existence. We found the game very challenging and the AI of the opponents very strong.

At least, there seems to be internal future plans for the franchise, but whether to call back Sam Fisher from retirement is pure speculation. An announcement at this year’s E3 should, however, be surprising, but joyous.


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