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Report: New Nintendo Switch Model “Doesn’t” Seem to Have Addressed Drifting Issues

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The recent teardowns of the New Nintendo Switch, released in Europe in September, have revealed how this model will include a revision of the Joy-Con and analog sticks.

The problem called “Joy-Con drift” linked to Nintendo Switch controllers has been known for some time but in the last period reports on the Joy-Con malfunction have increased to such an extent that they have started a “class action” against the Kyoto house which, in response, invites users to contact support in the event of problems.

However, these measures would not have been sufficient to solve the age-old question of drifting, or at least this is the opinion of the Youtuber Spawn Wave.

“Unfortunately for now the stick looks very, very similar,” the Youtuber said. “Does that mean it’s going to drift quite the same? Not necessarily, but I don’t see any obvious efforts to change much of what people have been complaining about.”

The youtuber added that “Unfortunately this doesn’t appear, at surface level anyway, to be anything different when it comes to the Joy-Con joysticks.”

It should be emphasized that Nintendo had already addressed the problem by extending repairs to affected players beyond the limits of the guarantee, although it was reasonable to imagine that a new model would definitely solve it.

Check the teardown video of the New Nintendo Switch below.