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New Nintendo Switch Model Available in August, Has Better Battery Life

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After the announcement of the Switch Lite, Nintendo has announced the launch of a new classic model of Nintendo Switch, with better battery life rising sharply.

Less than a week ago, Nintendo officialized the Switch Lite, a new gaming console based on the Switch sold at a lower price with fixed controls and designed to be used only as a portable console. At the same time, a rumor was evoking a revision for the Switch’s basic model. It’s now official.

Autonomy rising sharply:
This new Nintendo Switch does not change its name or exterior design, but it is still a major revision of the console, to the point where Nintendo offers a comparison on its official website in Japan. The main improvement comes from the autonomy of the console.

The manufacturer announces that its new console can last from 4.5 to 9 hours! A substantial gain compared to the 2.5 to 6.5 hours announced for the original model. As such, the new base model is even better than the Switch Lite just officialized and its 3 to 7 hours of autonomy announced. Nintendo continues to use Zelda Breath Of The Wild as a measurement tool and indicates that the console will be able to run about 5.5 hours with this game.

For the rest, the new model has the same design of the console, so it keeps the same dimensions and the same weight. What makes us tick is that this gain comes mainly from a new chip developed by Nvidia, more than an increase in the capacity of the internal battery.

The new Nintendo Switch will be launched in the mid of August, at the same price as the old model. It is from this period that it will be necessary to note its model number HAC-001-01.

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