New Nintendo 3DS production also ends in Europe

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If a few days ago Nintendo indicated that the production of New Nintendo 3DS for Japan was ceased, leaving the New Nintendo 3DS XL as the only active model, now it has been confirmed that the model will also stop coming to Europe. The end of the production of the model is not confirmed worldwide.

This does not affect practically the US market, where Nintendo decided to launch only the New Nintendo 3DS XL model and the smaller model has been sold only in promotions and in very specific packs. However, in Europe and Japan, both the large and the small model were general options for consumers.

So, Nintendo will continue to sell Nintendo 2DS models, New Nintendo 3DS XL and soon also New Nintendo 2DS XL model, which includes internal improvements of the new Family (more processing power, integrated NFC technology, second stick, etc.) but with 2D screens.

Indeed, sales of the New Nintendo 3DS XL model have been nearly 10 million units, a significant contribution to the 3DS portable family, while the smaller model has sold 2.49 million. This difference, which shows that the public has actually preferred the XL model, seems to have prompted Nintendo to make this decision.

It has not been confirmed exactly when the last batch of units will be distributed to the European stores, but if any consumer has a special interest in the New Nintendo 3DS model against the variant XL should do well to plan to get one soon.

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  • “This difference shows that the public has actually preferred the XL model”

    Not quite. The regular N3DS not being available in the whole America continent is what makes it the difference that huge. I don’t have any a doubts that more people might prefer the bigger brother, but I (and some of my friends) would have preferred the medium brother (its screens are bigger than the small ones of the original 3DS)

    The difference could’ve easily been 7.5M to 5M, but not the huge 10M to 2.5M. The N3DSXL having sold 150% units compared to the N3DS, instead of it being 400% as it turned out to be

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