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New Ninja Gaiden project is underway

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Keiji Yamagishi, the composer of the saga Ninja Gaiden, has unveiled on the social network of Twitter that he is working on a new project linked to the series. The composer of the saga confirms that we will have more incoming news in July.

Ninja Gaiden

The Japanese composer and musician, Keiji Yamagishi, announced on his Twitter profile to be currently working on the soundtrack of a project related to the franchise of Ninja Gaiden, but did not disclose further details.

Yamagishi has said he is working “on a new project related to Ninja Gaiden”, which could point both in the direction of a new installment of the saga as some kind of the game derived. “I’ll be able to share more news in July,” the musician has said, so expect Koei Tecmo to make announcements in the coming weeks.

So far, except for the reissues in the virtual console of Wii U, the latest release is the spin-off of Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, that appeared in 2014.

Ninja Gaiden was a saga summit in the first Xbox and Xbox 360, and had adapted versions (Sigma) on PS3. It is a recovery of classic games, always with the component of the difficulty as one of its best assets and with very fast combat mechanics that made it one of the best in its style and genre. We look forward to the good news that Yamagishi promises to bring in July.