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New members due to coronavirus in 2020

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In the United States, the coronavirus pandemic has created fertile ground for another type of virus: right-wing extremism. Anti-government militias, right-wing extremist groups, and conspiracy theorists have been participating in online protests. The demonstrations against contact restrictions for weeks. A wave that spreads from Michigan to Texas and from California to Massachusetts. The movement is based on opportunism and militancy.  According to the experts interviewed by Euronews, has several goals. For example, roader acceptance, increased visibility, and the recruitment of new members. Here I’ll properly describe New members due to coronavirus.  



The information about the  members due to coronavirus

due to corona virus


The time is all the more favorable since, according to Mark Pitcavage. These militias have long warned of pandemics: from H1N1 to SARS to Ebola. They have been convinced that the federal government could use a real pandemic as an excuse to declare martial law or to override the constitution. Changes to the second additional article. Which allows the carrying of weapons, are feared. Many members of these right-wing extremist groups appear for the protests with semi-automatic rifles.


The pandemic became a welcome opportunity. Anti-Defamation League researcher Mark Pitcavage explains:


The groups were already active in February and March to raise the mood against the pandemic measures. They organized some of the first public demonstrations in Ohio and Michigan in April.

Other more moderate groups began to demonstrate for an end to the restrictions. Anti-government extremists joined the protests. But ” the pandemic was an opportunity because of the state and local governors. But not the federal government, were held responsible for the restrictions. ” Anti-government extremists were able to direct anger ” against these regional authorities. But not exclusively, against Democrats ” – but not against Trump.

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Propaganda and recruitment


For the most radical groups, ” demonstrations against contact restrictions offer an opportunity to attract new members and spread their messages. The media often pick up on the most extreme banners and messages. So there is a clear advantage for propaganda news, ” explains Heidi Beirich, co-founder of the Global Project against hatred and extremism. For many anti-government extremists, particularly militias. The restrictions and regulations to combat the COVID 19 pandemic offered unimagined opportunities. Paradoxically, Donald Trump’s election as president, a candidacy that ” strongly supported ” right-wing movements.  It had made her job difficult. How to maintain his level of anger and activity? When someone you support is actually at the head of the government ?” 


Final word


Beirich has been a close observer of the extreme right-wing scene in the United States for more than 20 years. She says that since the majority of the demonstrators are not overtly nationalist.  Many seem to come from the previous tea party participating in a demonstration that has an assimilating effect on the most extreme groups.


” They think,” My group cannot be that bad when normal people are around. “This is how the demonstration makes extreme ideas socially acceptable .” I hope now you got the answer about New members due to coronavirus.