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New Marvel: Ultimate Alliance coming soon?

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In the last month, the creative director of Marvel Games, Bill Rosemann, said that they were working to bring several franchises to consoles. However, we know nothing of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, title that has a solid fan base that screams for a third party.

During an interview with GameSpot, Rosemann acknowledged that many fans are begging for the rebirth of many franchises, but there is one specific that is at the top of petitions, and we refer to Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Unfortunately, he explained that there are some problems that have to do with the trademarks and rights of the characters.

“I would say that on one hand, there’s a lot of behind the scenes history, and legality, and trademarks that some things become available, and some things don’t. It’d just be out of our control,” he said.

But all is not lost, as Rosemann added that he is aware of fans’ desire to see Ultimate Alliance again, and that a third, as well as different Marvel games, could come when the situation is right.

“That said, for the first two years, every convention that I went to, it was, “When are you bringing back Marvel vs Capcom?” and “When are you bringing back Ultimate Alliance?” I would just say we are really aware of the love for these franchises, and it all comes down to planets aligning, and stars getting into the right position. And if they do, awesome.”

For now, fans of yesteryear will enjoy Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 on consoles of the current generation, as the games were relaunched last year by Marvel and Activision.