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New Intellivision Console Will Be Revealed in October, Featuring Disc Controller and More

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A couple of months ago, Tommy Tallarico, the famous composer of music of video game, reported on his acquisition of the rights of Intellivision, a brand related to the console launched by Mattel Electronics in 1979, and his plans to launch a new model. Although at the beginning he offered some details, the now president of Intellivision, revealed more information about the new console designed for a niche market different from the current systems.

In an interview for n3rdabl3 (vía GamesIndustry), Tommy Tallarico offered new details on the upcoming Intellivision console and what can be expected from it at a time dominated by Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Initially, Tallarico said that they are working with all kinds of developer companies, from the smallest to the most important, and will risk whatever is necessary to complete the project.

In that sense, the president of Intellivision revealed that one of the ideas on which the development of the console is based is the offer of quality over quantity: “We would rather have 20 epic games as opposed to 50 mediocre games. Intellivision console has to be at least a 7/10.” Regarding the games, the manager hinted that they could be improved versions of Atari classics and its price would range between $3 and $7 USD: “Imagine being able to play Pitfall 40 years later with completely amazing photorealistic graphics, incredible movie sounds. We’re not going to mess with the thing that made the game super popular.”

While addressing the issue related to the games of the new console, Tallarico confirmed that it will not have 3D games, as they do not seek to create the next The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Although the project of the new Intellivision console sounds like something very ambitious, Tallarico mentioned that they seek to offer a simple product, that can be played by anyone and, above all, by those who do not do it because they consider that the current titles are very complicated, especially in its control scheme.

In that sense, the manager reported that they will bring back the classic design of the console, which was characterized by a panel with numbered buttons and in the bottom a disc that fulfilled functions of the directional pad.