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New Hitman Trailer “Welcome to Sapienza” Revealed

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Square Enix has released a new video of the reboot of the franchise Hitman, highlighting the effective Agent 47 to Sapienza, a fictitious town in Italy. All means are good for our assassin to carry out its contracts. After many episodes published since 2000, the Hitman game prepares its reboot which will arrive next year on PC and gaming consoles. IO Interactive is still in control of the next contract of Agent 47, always offering a tasty blend between infiltration and action.

To make us wait, Square Enix gives us a very visual trailer which presents our professional assassin in the fictional town of Sapienza, located on the southern coast of Italy. Agent 47 displays a portion of its expertise in material of concealment and discreet assassination and expeditious.

Welcome to Sapienza, picturesque the coastal village. Enjoy the Mediterranean feeling, the beautiful weather, the view of the sea, Golf playing, drinking an espresso, admiring the architecture of the local church and finishing your job. After all, at Square Enix and IO Interactive this is Hitman game and not Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture.

Again players assume the role of assassin Agent 47. According to the developers, the latest part should stand by extensive sandbox elements of the remaining games in the series. Again it should be possible to solve an assignment in different ways. Thus, the game can be played either by remaining undetected & sneak past the guards, or search with the necessary skill and preparation for the direct confrontation with its opponents.

Remember that this next installment of Hitman has previously seen its release date delayed for some months and now displaying a launch during the month of March 2016 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Watch the beautiful trailer below:

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