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New Guilty Gear Game Confirmed for PS4, Playable Demo At ArcRevo World Tour 2019

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Arc System Works was present at EVO 2019 to reveal a big surprise: the new installment of Guilty Gear. The development of this game was confirmed in August 2018, but it was until recently that we saw its first trailer that left many players happy.

The community that loves fighting games is excited about the title; however, there are very few details about it. The good news is that we already have more information and now we know that it is in development at least for PlayStation 4.

In addition, we know that the new Guilty Gear game will be playable this year, so everything indicates that its development is on the right track. The game will be present at ArcRevo World Tour Final 2019, a competition that will take place from November 16 to 17 at the UCI Student Center in Irvine, California, United States.

Event attendees can play a demo of the title, whose content has not been revealed. The trial version will be available on PlayStation 4. At the moment, Arc System Works has not confirmed the release of the title on other systems.

Despite the above, the studio can not rule out the launch of the new installment on more systems, especially if you consider that the franchise has had a presence on Nintendo, Microsoft, as well as on PC.

In fact, recently there were some releases from the series, such as Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Edition for Nintendo Switch. This game includes the relaunch of the first installment and Guilty Gear XX Acore Plus R, now available on other platforms.

We do not know more details of the new title, but previously Arc System Works mentioned that with the next Guilty Gear they sought to simplify the mechanics. This with the idea of ​​attracting the attention of more players.

The new Guilty Gear game is confirmed for PlayStation 4. Its release is expected by 2020.