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New God of War will not include multiplayer, neither be last game of Kratos

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The website Levelup had an opportunity to talk with Cory Barlog, the director of the new God of War game that was recently announced at the PlayStation conference at E3 2016. The director has given many information about its new title and one of the main feature that he said was God of War will not include multiplayer. The title will be focused on game’s campaign only.

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Cory Barlog, director of the new God of War series, in an interview with Levelup website has indeed said that there will be no multiplayer feature in this new title. Since he has confirmed the absence of this feature, we can trust that Sony Santa Monica will use all its efforts and resources on developing a personal experience, but of a very good quality and, above all, change the course of the series.

In related news, the new God of War will not be the last game of Kratos. When Sony showed that the new God of War of Kratos was focused on the relationship with his child, many thought it would be a game handover where we would have to say goodbye to the God of War. Fortunately, things will not go well, since this God of War will not be the last of Kratos.

The director of the game also confirmed what was said above and stated that, contrary to what many may think, we will control Krato throughout the game. However, in God of War, we will be able to give orders to the son of Kratos to attack an enemy or turn a few things.

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It is important to note that the son of Kratos will not be an obstacle to the visceral combat. In this presentation Barlog said that the boy is perfectly capable of taking care of himself, and so we will not have to stop while attacking an enemy to save his son.

In this new God of War, Kratos will be well aware of its past, although this remains a mystery to his son.