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New Destiny update asking PS4 players to re-download 18GB patch

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Some gamers might be facing issues with the new Destiny game update. This new patch is essential for smoother game performance. But there are chances that you might have to re-download the entire patch for a smoother output. The patch size is around 18GB that is pretty high and causing problem at the current time. This has been reported on the Bungie forums. It is updated by a user on the official forums that after downloading the entire 18GB patch, the update is asking to re-download the entire thing back again. There is a constant discussion on the same.

Destiny Patch available soon for download
Destiny Patch available soon for download

The issue is not yet resolved, but Bungie looks to be working on fixing the problem. 18GB is a pretty huge size and after downloading it, a re-download of the entire patch is not a good thing. The patch download will take relatively long time on a slow internet connection. Also it is found that some people are reporting the patch version is 2.0.1 instead of 1.17. You can check out the link below and read the official discussion.

Discussion on Patch Issue on Bungie Forums

  • If you are encountering a ‘corrupted data’ error message, you may want to stop your download, clear your console cache, and then restart the download.
  • Some players are reporting that while the download says it’s a full 18 GB, it actually only downloading today’s small patch. This is the expected behavior for PlayStation 4 downloads. However, we are still investigating the reports from some players that they are being required to re-download the full 18 GB.
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