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New Call of Duty 2016 Set in Space

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According to the daily fresh rumor, the new Call of Duty of Infinity Ward will be based on a sci-fi theme and set in space.

Call of Duty

The rumor started from a discussion on NeoGAF where an insider shinobi602 said that he was intrigued by the idea, who also seems to have heard about, and by a confirmation later arrived on the pages of, who learned it from a separate source.

It is not the first time that we hear of a futuristic Call of Duty set in space: even Call of Duty: Ghosts, the latest installment in the series edited by Infinity Ward, had sections of the space and in the past Activision has registered the domains reconnecting in an imaginary “Call of Duty: Space Warfare”.

The idea of ​​a Call of Duty like that might make sense even under the assumptions of our drafting: a similar setting however open to exploitation of mechanical, like that of the rapid and versatile movements of exo suits, which are now an integral part of the series for two years, as well as new introductions, such as the absence of gravity, typical of successful franchises in multiplayer environment like Halo and Destiny.

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