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New Bully Easter Egg Found in Red Dead Online, Is the Next Game Coming Soon?

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The expectation for what could be a new title of Bully by Rockstar Games is more alive than ever and although much of the information that has flowed is in the field of rumor and speculation, the company has played its part with some details that have made people think that it is something real or, otherwise, a cruel joke. Recently, a user found an Easter egg related to the franchise in Red Dead Online, which excited those who expect a new game.

According to a report, one Reddit user discovered a peculiar “wanted” announcement in Red Dead Online that has suggested that Rockstar is actually working on a new Bully. In that sense, the user took a capture of the poster where a woman who has to be accountable to the justice, Meredith Hopkins, who wounded a young man who got into her property.

Bully Easter Egg

Immediately, Bully fans considered that this is a reference to the franchise because the protagonist of the original title is called Jimmy Hopkins and when looking closely at the image of the woman, there is a certain resemblance between both characters.

So far there is no official information from Rockstar Games about a new Bully, however, it is thought that the company is working on a new installment now that Rockstar North has finished its work with Red Dead Redemption 2.