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New Ape Escape Possibly Teased by PlayStation

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Ape Escape is a Sony IP that was very prominent in the PlayStation era. And although its most recent game was released in 2011, a Twitter image could indicate that there is a new game in development.

According to a report, a Twitter account called @piposaru20th published a mysterious illustration of Ape Escape a few hours ago. This is without a doubt interesting: Pipo Saru is the name with which some titles of this saga are known in Japan and 2019 is precisely the year of its 20th anniversary. Thus, some people believe that it is a hint of the return of the IP:

Of course, this couple of details would not be enough to give credibility to the rumor. The funny thing is that @piposaru20th is followed by the official account of SIE Japan Studio, the developer that created most of the titles of Ape Escape. Considering that Sony Japan only follows 147 people on Twitter, this event has ignited the rumor on social networks:

A new title of Ape Escape does not sound crazy because Sony and other companies already realized the success that the retro franchises currently have, such as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon or MediEvil.

Would you like to play the remake of the title or a whole new game again? Tell us in the comments below.