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New Alien Game of Amanda Ripley Seemingly Teased by 20th Century Fox

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20th Century Fox generated a lot of expectation when registering the Alien: Blackout brand at the end of November. The interesting thing is that the name was accepted for use in video games. Unfortunately, there is still no information about this project, but a new alien game seems to be in the work.

Despite this, the company surprised fans recently with a new teaser, which could involve a game based on the franchise, as well as other types of entertainment products. What seems a fact is that we will know more about the story of Amanda Ripley, protagonist of Alien: Isolation.

The teaser was accompanied with a brief message: “Read. Watch. Play,” so fans are estimating that the company is preparing several projects, such as comics, movies and video games. However, there is also the possibility that it is a single interactive product.

The publication also makes a short description of Amanda Ripley. “Daughter Rebel Hero. Her story deserves to be told … ,” wrote 20th Century Fox. Below is the teaser:

For now it is not clear if the video is related to the Alien: Blackout brand. Take into account that Creative Assembly said a few months ago that a sequel to Alien: Isolation was not among their projects.

The revelation of Alien: Blackout was expected for The Game Awards 2018, but 20th Century Fox did not make any announcement about it at the event. Hopefully we will know more about the game and its other projects in the coming weeks.

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