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Neverwinter Patch for ‘Strongholds’ Expansion download available soon on Xbox One

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Neverwinter is getting a new Patch for PC. This patch is going to release soon and will offer a lot of new things and with that you will also get some major fixes for this game. The entire patch note was announced via twitter.

This new patch is going to offer a lot of major benefits and enhancement in the game. The developer has not kept the patch limited to fixes only. But with that it also offers you few extra features. The patch offers players to access to the Stronghold Expansion now via Overworld map. There are also different quests in Strongholds and these changes on the basis of player’s level.

Neverwinter Strongholds Expansion Pics
Neverwinter Strongholds Expansion Pics

Checkout Neverwinter Patch Notes here and below:

Classes and Balance

  • General
    • The effect of armor penetration is now more consistent against players and will affect non-passive sources of damage resistance, including short term buffs (e.g. Negation, Lunging Strike).
    • Racial Abilities: metallic dragonborn extra HP is now properly granted.
    • The following powers are now considered “Personal Shields”. Warding Flare, Absolution, Exemplar of the Light, Holy Barrier.
    • “Personal Shields” are shields that absorb a fixed amount of damage before breaking. This is just a terminology change.
    • Powers considered personal shields are now affected by healing depression. The amount of damage these shields can absorb is adjusted as soon as you are affected by healing depression.
  • Guardian Fighter: Removed the ‘Weak’ floating text when hit with Tide of Iron.
  • Hunter Ranger: Stillness of the Forest will no longer display Critical Chance incorrectly on your Character Sheet. This was a display issue only.
  • Oathbound Paladin
    • Aura of Courage: No longer damages players who strike a target afflicted with Slasher’s Mark.
    • Lay on Hands: This power now correctly respects Healing Depression penalties and Increased Incoming Healing bonuses.
    • Shielding Strike’s tooltip now properly lists its estimated damage.
  • Scourge Warlock: Harrowstorm: Curse synergy with this power now functions as expected again.

Content and Environment

  • Temple of the Spider: Lord Jevahn Jhalvar is no longer inclined to take a dip in the water. He now accepts the fact that his swim skill is 0.
  • The Leaderboard season has reset to accompany the new module.