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Never Alone first DLC download available on July 28 2015

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Never Alone is a puzzle game that was released on November 18, 2014 on different platforms. This game got a nice review after it was released. It brings up a simple puzzle based gameplay which is very unique and inspiring. The game is going to get two new DLCs. It is all set to release on July 28 2015. The new DLC features more better puzzles and also some new abilities. It is also found that this new DLC will bring up a new environment. Game developer has also released a trailer that you can watch at the end of this article. The trailer is simply impressive that shows up new challenges, new friends and entirely new environment of Artic area. Games like Never Alone are suitable for all type of ages. It brings up a distinctive story line that will keep you engaged for hours.

Never Alone DLC Pics
Never Alone DLC Pics

The game features a small girl and her friends who are moving up to a path to uncover reality. This DLC will be first coming on PS4 and later on it might make its way on other platforms also. You can checkout the video below to get to know about the new stuff. Many similar games like Journey, FromDust, etc; which were released last year did not come out back again with any kind of new DLC or new version.