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Netflix’s “Locke & Key” Review: The Story Behind Keyhouse and Three Magical Keys

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Netflix has just dropped the 10-episodic supernatural horror series “Locke & Key”. It’s all about the three magical keys hidden in the key house. So, get ready for the chills and thrills of horror and magical drama.

Netflix’s new supernatural horror series proves to be a thrilling pack. Indeed, it is worth watching for all those who are supernatural and horror lovers.

Verily, the title of the series depicts the story very well. Anyhow, Locke isn’t what it appears to be as Locke is the family name of the characters in the series.


What is the Story of Locke & Key?

We have already stated that it is a horrifying and thrilling story about three magical keys.  It is a story of a mysterious and magical key house that is full of magical keys and demons. There’s a history of Locke family and the magical keys which is going to be unfolded with the progression of the series. Let’s see how little Dobe, Kinsey, and Tyler will be able to get those keys and save them from the demons.

What is the Story of the First Episode of Locke & Key?

So, the story starts with a man stabbing himself with a magical key that burns him down. The story shifts towards the Locke family who moves to their ancestral house, the key house.

Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode are the three children of Nina Locke who have got some memory issues after witnessing her husband’s murder.  So, it’s the Locke family. The Locke siblings meanwhile recovering from the tragic death of their father finds difficult to settle in the new place. Kinsey meets with a guy who tried to be friends with him but she gets uncomfortable as she couldn’t overcome her father’s murder. Whereas Tyler seems to be interested in a girl but the same goes to him as he’s also unable to overcome that heart-wrenching event. On the other hand, little Bode finds a new friend in a well of the key house who introduced herself as Bode’s echo.

“Your House is filled With Amazing Keys”

Bode keeps talking to the well-lady who’s in actual a demon. That demon tells him about three magical keys that are hidden somewhere in the house and only special people can find them by sensing their presence. She tells him that “your house is filled with amazing keys” “There’s a key that can let you step outside your body and be a ghost” “And another key that can change the way you look” “The best is the key that can take you anywhere in the world you wanna go if you know how to use it”.

She asks him to look for the magical keys as only he can hear them because he is special.

Bode tries to tell Kinsey about the magical keys but she doesn’t believe in him.

Bode finds out a key in Kinsey’s bracelet that turns out to be the anywhere key. A magical key that can take a person anywhere he wants to go.

“The Key Opens the Prison of the Self”

Anyhow, unfortunately, the other key that Bode finds put him in trouble. The demon traps him by saying that the other key can make him talk to his dead father so he should tell his mom about the key as well. Demon’s plan works out. Nina gets imprisoned in a mirror as the other key opens the door to the prison of the self. Bode asks her for help but she in exchange wanted the anywhere key so that she can escape the key house.

Poor Bode gives her the anywhere key and as expected she betrays him. Bode then takes a rope and along with Kinsey and Tyler goes to get their mom out of the mirror. At first, Kinsey and Tyler didn’t believe what’s happening. Tyler goes inside the mirror with the rope tied over his waist and succeeded in pulling Nina out of the mirror prison.

What to Expect Next?

By the end of the first episode, we witnessed that the demon goes to meet Sam who murdered Bode, Kinsey, and Tyler’s father.

So, wait for the review of the second and the rest of the episode to know what is the mystery behind the murder of Bode’s father, and what these siblings will do now to save themselves.