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Netflix Trending Show Lucifer All Set for the Season 5 Release in August

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Netflix is bringing the first part of season 5 of the popular show Lucifer in August this year. There are a few interesting things to know about the coming season of the show. To add a little more excitement for the fans, the season 6 is already on the cards for the makers of the show. This is a guide that can give you an idea about the titles of the episodes, storyline, and the schedule of the production.

Did you know that FOX  had dismissed the show Lucifer? The show has completed three seasons during 2020 with FOX. Netflix has collaborated with the show makers after the completion of the three seasons. The fans of the show made a remarkable request for the show’s revival.

Lucifer’s previous seasons are now on Netflix, so you can start watching them right now if you haven’t as yet. Netflix aired those previous seasons from the initial months of 2019. Season 4 was released only on Netflix on 8th May 2019.

Season 4 of Lucifer got an overwhelming response. TVTime released their binge report which showed that 4th season of Lucifer had broken the record of the immensely popular show Game of Thrones with tremendous numbers.


Lucifer Season 5 – All you need to know

Here is a complete idea about what you need to know about Lucifer season 5:

Lucifer season 5 release date

Season five will be going to be released in two parts. Netflix has announced the much-awaited release date to the fans. The popular OTT platform announced that they would release season 5A( first part of the season) of Lucifer worldwide on August 21, 2020. Netflix also released some of the sexiest bits from the fifth season of the show in a teaser.


The fans await

The show makers had announced season 5 on May 7, 2019. It was happy as well as bad news for the fans because it would come to the final season of Lucifer.

Netflix’s officials said to Hollywood Reporter that they were very elated with the fans’ immense response to the series. They couldn’t wait to show a final ending that Lucifer fans were eagerly holding back for.

Reactions from stars of the show to the revival of Lucifer season 5

The prime showrunner of Lucifer Ildy Modrovich said that he was very excited for the upcoming season 5. He thanked all the “Lucifer family” for their continuous support and love. He also thanked their partner Netflix. The showrunner assured them that they would leave no stone unturned.

Joe Henderson, co-showrunner of Lucifer said that their fans made a major part to bring the show back. They would be able to complete the story according to their choice. He could not even hold back his excitement for the show’s fans until they saw the surprises the show consisted of.

Tom Ellis thanked his loyal watchers of Lucifer. He also mentioned that the show got an appropriate opportunity to see the perfect end.

Production progress of season 5

Current production is scheduled to start in October 2020 for the second part of season 5. Ildy Modrovich tweeted in June 2019 that they were returning to the writer’s room from July. The writer’s team took a photo on July 12, 2019.

Netflix made an announcement that Lucifer makers had started shooting season 5 from September 2019. The announcement came with an image of the cast in their first script reading session. The shoot started on September 6, 2019.

The show makers completed the script reading sessions of 9 episodes in December last year. The ninth episode would be the last episode of part A. The name of the last episode has a spoiler itself. The cast, crew, and writers were very emotional because the show was coming to the end.

Netflix released the first view of season 5 of Lucifer in December 2019

The writers finished writing all the episodes in the writer’s room on February 7, 2020. DB Woodside said acknowledging the event that the writers had experienced the last day in that writing room and expressed their appreciation and love.

Chris Rafferty said that the last day in the writing room of the show marks the writing of the final plot of Lucifer’s last episode. They would have to do more filming, editing, and writing even, yet they did a celebration to remember the happy moment tinged with sadness.

Netflix had postponed Lucifer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There were other shows on Netflix and WBTV that also got postponed after march 2020.

Season 5 part A will release in August 2020 on Netflix. The shooting of the second part is yet to start. There is news that the shooting of the part B season 5 of Lucifer will probably start from October this year in Los Angeles, California.

The first view of the noir episode of Lucifer released in July 2020. EW released it exclusively. The noir look will be the theme for the fourth episode of season 5.

Expectations from season 5 of Lucifer

Netflix released a recap episode which includes a summary from season 1 to season 3.There are few spoilers of season 4 ahead.

Recap of the final episode

Episode 10 which is the final episode shows the viewers that Lucifer has returned home to help to restrain hell. The hell was Los Angeles. Lucifer restored his love for Chloe and she reciprocated. Lucifer said to her that Eve was not his first love.

Chole found it difficult to accept that Lucifer had a demon in him. Eve’s first presentation was logical because of the reason that he had a demon inside him.

The demons were back in hell given the fact Lucifer was not intending to get back home. Season 4 makes the grounds for future episodes.

Lucifer bids goodbye to Chloe in the final episode. His return home was considered temporary though.

Eve’s character will see revival or not

Eve left at the end of the show’s fourth season. Her story seems unfinished though. She did compensate for her actions and realized her faults over the period. She went on to discover herself. The makers still can bring back to the narrative easily.

Lucifer’s return from hell is in question

Lucifer would not be able to come to an understanding whether he could get back to earth unlike season 1. He would have to discover an alternate option so that he could come into the earth from the underworld. He asked his siblings for this responsibility. There was speculation that the first wife of Adam, Lilith may come back with Eve. Lilith curbs the beasts from the night.

Number of episodes

There was a presumption that the finale season of Lucifer would have 10 episodes. Netflix wanted a more elaborated finale for the show. This news came after July 2019.

It is a very interesting fact that the show has been divided into two parts. There will be eight episodes in part A and part B will comprise eight episodes as well.

Now that Lucifer’s fifth season got 16 episodes, viewers can enjoy sixteen hours of adventurous content now In 2020.

Is Lucifer season 6 on the cards?

It seemed that there would be no further expansion after Lucifer’s fifth season, till January 2020. There are now speculations that Netflix’s show could have a sixth season.

TVLine said that the production house Warner Bros. and the streaming platform Netflix were discussing if Lucifer could go further even after season 5. The news also said that they had roped in Tom Ellis for further episodes.

The biggest tease as of now was given by DB Woodside who announced about a secret project in collaboration with Warner Brothers and Netflix.

The rumors in April 2020 indicated that three shoemakers and Tom Ellis were having a conflict. Their contract was on the verge of breaking. Then air got cleared after the protagonist officially was roped in for one more season of Lucifer.

The confirmation of season 6 came on June 23, 2020, and it will be the final end to the series. There will be more news on season 6 after the production house Warner Bros. will hold an event on the internet with fans. Variety said that the grand event will also include Lucifer.

DB Woodside will return to the show in season 6. The actor himself tweeted In July 2020. His tweet said that he was very happy despite his return in season 6 of Lucifer. He will also give direction to one of the episodes in the sixth season. Their cast is so attractive and they support each other immensely. He added that they would divide the work after season 5 part A will release on Netflix.

Casting announcements of Lucifer Season 5

  • The makers announced Matthew Bohrer’s name as one of the cast members of season five. He previously acted in Masters of Sex, Amazon’s Goliath, Blockbuster, and General Hospital.
  • The news came on October 11, 2019 that Brianne Davis will essay the role of Detective Dancer in the fifth season of Lucifer. The actor was seen in Synchronicity in 2015, Jarhead in 2005, and Six in HISTORY channel.
  • The confirmation came on 28th October that Lucifer will be divided into two parts
  • Erin Cummings will play Mandy in the fifth season. She starred in Spartacus. Cummings’s confirmation for the show came in November 2019.
  • IMDB announced on November 22, that Chaley Rose would also star in this season of Lucifer. She was in Nashville.
  • Lucifer made a cameo appearance in the DC venture Crisis on Infinite Earths in December 2019. Infinite Earths could come to Netflix. This move has speculated that John Constantine would star in Lucifer’s final season. Tom Ellis said that it was very hard to keep a cameo under wrap for long.
  • Entertainment Weekly wrote an exclusive report which said Dennis Haysbert would play God in the show. Lucifer would be spending a fair amount of time with his brother and his father. This information came on January 6, 2020.
  • The news of Catherine Dent staring at the role of Dr. Alice Porter came on January 17, 2020.
  • On January 21st, 2020 we got to know that Annie Funke plays the character of Sister Francine in episode five.
  • Neil Gaiman waved off the rumors of the show Lucifer getting canceled. The fans thought the cancellation of further expansion could happen due to The Sandman. Neil Gaiman confirmed through his Twitter handle that the rumor was false.
  • Allison McAtee well essayed the role of Elizabeth Newman in the tenth episode of season five. This news came in May 2020.

There is good news for viewers who want to have the show’s DVD. The markers released the blu- ray prints and DVDs in a set of boxes on May12, 2020. United States viewers can also rent them from Netflix’s

The news of June 2020 said that Adam Korson would star in the sixth episode of the fifth season. The star of Sharp Objects and The Evil Dead will essay  Sister Molly’s character in the sixth episode of the fifth season of Lucifer as the news said during June 2020. Lastly, TVLine informed that Rob Benedict would do a cameo in the fifth season.