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Nero game for PC and PS4 download available in early 2016

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Nero is a new game that is going to come next year. This game is going to release on PC and PS4. The game trailer is out that you can see that below showcasing a short cinematic. This cinematic reveals the world of Nero. That is an entirely different fantasy land game with a giant Jelly fish. It is amazing and vibrant. The game has been already released on Xbox One. This game was sold on $19.99. And the size of the game on Xbox One was around 8GB. As per the developer it is a game that is based on faith. Yet one cannot figure this out unless a gameplay video is out. Nero is a kind of an adventure game that offers a puzzle based gameplay with amazing vibrant environment. The game characters are also different. As per the official game description the game will take you to different journey where you will be in a magic world. So there are no exceptions here.

Nero Game Images
Nero Game Images

There is a kid who is the central character and the story revolves around him. He is the key to unlock all the mysteries in this Nero game. The game is amazing and I think this will attract many players. Yet it is not easy to figure out the gameplay just through the cinematic video. But there are videos that are based on Xbox game. You can check that out on YouTube. The best things about game are its environment. The game has a long time to release. Yet the date is not yet finalized.

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