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Neil Druckmann explains why The Last of Us Part II was absent in E3 2017

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Finally, the long awaited day in which Sony showed the world the news that it had planned for the next years. The truth was that with the successful conference they offered at E3 last year, they were expected to showcase new exclusive titles such as Bloodborne 2 and especially gameplay of The Last of Us Part II, which was announced during the PlayStation Experience of the past year and from which we have not heard anything since then. Just yesterday we predicted the high probability of seeing the game in action, although it ended up not being fulfilled.

The Last of Us Part II has been one of the great absentees of E3 2017. Its presence during the Sony conference held this morning was in the wishes of most players, but against all odds the game of Naughty Dog was left out of the catalog of titles shown. Why was this decision taken to not show the expected game?

Once the conference was over and since the game has not made an appearance, it is likely that many fans have been somewhat discouraged. That is why Neil Druckmann, one of the men at the head of Naughty Dog, has made use of the social network Twitter to explain why the highly anticipated sequel was absent at the E3 2017 show.

The tweet reads: “Believe me, we’re super excited to show you more of Ellie and Joel’s 2nd journey, but right now it’s Chloe and Nadine’s time to shine.”

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the independent DLC of the saga of Nathan Drake and which will have Chloe and Nadine as protagonists, is scheduled to hit stores on 23 August. Once it has been released, the whole team is more than likely to get down to work with The Last of Us Part II and thus will have some more information in the coming months, with the PlayStation Experience in December being the most possible scenario to see the title in action for the first time.