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Need for Speed PC Version Download Available Now, Launch Trailer Released

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Electronic Arts has released a final video of Need for Speed ​​to mark its launch on PC. The trailer confirms that there will be no limit on the definition and fps, plus the support of several models of steering wheel.

Need for Speed 2016

After launching on next-gen gaming consoles in 2015, the final part in the series of racing games Need for Speed ​​is set to release today on 17 March 2016 on PC. This version of the game takes advantage of a last trailer provided by Electronic Arts.

The trailer, available below, insists that the game will turn into an Ultra HD (4K) definition and the framerate will be also unlocked. This will make it possible to achieve 60 frames per second and even more, for the greediest.

The recommended system requirements for 1080p 60 FPS at high settings confirms an Intel Core i5-4690 (or equivalent with support for 4 cores), 8GB of RAM, a graphics card of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB, AMD Radeon R9 290 4GB or equivalent, compatible with DX11 4GB of memory and 30GB free hard disk space.

It is also recalled that it will be possible to play with manual transmissions, as well as more compatible steering wheels, namely: Logitech G27, Logitech G29, Logitech G920, Thrustmaster TX, Thrustmaster T150, Thrustmaster T300, Thrustmaster T500 and Fanatec CSR.