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Need for Speed new Trailer highlights BMW M2 Coupe

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In the latest trailer for Need for Speed ​​it is all about vehicles from the Bavarian manufacturer BMW. The focus is on the new M2 coupe. The sports car will be found exclusively in Need for Speed ​​and in any other racing game. The complete list of vehicles has not yet been published by EA.

Need for Speed - BMW M2 Coupe
Need for Speed – BMW M2 Coupe

Electronic Arts has released a new trailer for Need for Speed. The clip comes thanks to Frostbite 3 Artwork by almost as a television commercial. The star of the show is the new BMW M2 Coupe. But other vehicles from the Bavarian manufacturer are also to be seen. So far three different BMWs for Need for Speed ​​have been confirmed. In addition to the BMW M2 Coupe you can look also behind the wheel of M3 (in turn three variants) and M4 models.

How extensive the list of vehicle in Need for Speed ​​will turn out in total, EA has not yet confirmed. Even if there are more exclusive deal as in this case, it is still not known. The BMW M2 Coupe will be namely apparently found only in Need for Speed ​​and no other racing game. The predecessor of the stroller can be test driven, among other things in Drive Club. Appearance of Need for Speed is scheduled ​​on 3 November 2015 for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version was recently postponed to early next year. Watch the Need for Speed BMW M2 Coupe Debut Trailer below:

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With the M2 having only just been officially unveiled to the world, we’re incredibly excited to be giving this brand-new BMW its video game debut. Starting November 3rd, we can confirm that the BMW M2 Coupé will be available to drive, and customize, in Need for Speed.