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Need for Speed Heat Leak: Female Protagonist, Not Always Online, Open World & More

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EA will present Need for Speed Heat as a game to serve as the basis for all future NFS games. It will have a classic NFS style of Police escape. It should be added that only the name and meeting in Miami (according to the logo) have so far been confirmed from this leak.

Need for Speed Heat Logo

But the new leak also talks about other things. First of all, Need for Speed Heat will not require always online internet, so you can play it offline. It will also offer a darker and more serious story that could continue in future works. The game gets rid of off-road racing, which was experimented with NFS Payback. In the world of NFS Heat, we will experience rain, but we do not have to wait day and night alternation. Instead, the game will be mostly at night, but some missions and races will be during the day.

Arcade control is a matter of course, for drift you just need to use the brake. However, this control system has been improved. Tuning will be back to NFS 2015 and Speed ​​Cards and microtransactions will disappear. Like Need for Speed ​​2015, the game has another similarity – in graphics. Obviously, it will offer fiction cutscenes mixed with game graphics.

We expect classic police chases with cops in the open world, but helicopters and other things we know from older games will not be missing. Cars can be repaired at gas stations. Speed ​​Lists will also return. Finally, the game will be rated 18+.

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Strangely, however, the leak talks about setting the game into the ’80s, but the official artwork shows Corvette Stingray from 2019. It is also mentioned that the main protagonist of the game is a woman, but screenshots from the trailer indicate a male character. The game is also scheduled to take place purely at night, but some races and missions will be during the day.