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Need for Speed 2015 will not have micro transactions or DLC

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Need for Speed 2015 is delayed with some news that won’t make players happy. It is confirmed by EA. NFS 2015 might not be having a process of Micro Transactions in the game. There are also chances that there won’t be any upcoming paid future DLC. This can be some kind of limitation for the game. NFS is one of the most popular cars racing series. Paid DLC allow players new content from time to time. It is just a statement. It is not confirmed news. There are chances in future that EA might change his mind and would bring out some new content.

The details about the same are mentioned in the FAQ section of NFS official site. The developer said that there might be lot of free contents, but for Paid DLC there are no plans yet. Also there will not be any Micro Transactions.  The game looks a bit different by different kind of models that let players to choose how they want to play. These modes have their own particular story line and gameplay. They are:

  • Outlaw
  • Style
  • Build
  • Speed
  • Crew

Game Editions: The game has two editions. Deluxe and regular one. Both are available on pre-order. The deluxe edition comes with some extra features.

Need for speed deluxe edition

  1. Includes an Exclusive Styling Sticker, Spoiler, RIMS, and Splitter.
  2. The Performance Pack includes an exclusive Performance Sticker, and early access to a High Performance Turbocharger, Engine Block, and Exhaust.

Need for speed

  1. Styling Pack includes an exclusive Styling Sticker, Spoiler, RIMS, and Splitter.