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Need for Speed 2015 Gameplay Trailer shows five ways to play

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Need for Speed Reboot (2015) is going to release this year November 3. There is a video officially shared on Need for Speed YouTube channel that shows you 5 ways you can play this all new racing game. The game looks very impressive in the video with updated graphics and a lot of new things to discover.

Need for Speed 2015 Pics
Need for Speed 2015 Pics

Need for Speed series is one of the most popular racing game. This time there are some changes that players will surely appreciate. The video at the end of this article shows 5 different ways through which one can play this latest reboot of the series.

The first mode is called Outlaw. This is based on the name itself. Run from cops, save your life and complete variety of missions in the game. Take more and more risk and have fierce racing events. The second mode is Style. This is something to show off your racing skills. You can drive the car at the corners with maximum precision. The third one is Build. Build your own car with a variety of visual options. You can also modify many settings to make your car a high performing machine. You can improve and make your car lot better with impressive add-ons. The fourth one is Speed. This one is for those who love high speed racing. You can drive at a very high speed but without proper control it is not easy to win the race. The last one is Ride. This one is for those who want to play with their friends. All this modes are well explained in the video below. Have a look at the same.