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Gamescom 2019: Need for Speed Heat First Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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Need for Speed Heat, the new installment of Need for Speed, was announced a few days ago, but we were looking forward to seeing it in action. That changed today, since EA and Ghost Games released its first gameplay trailer. In it, we can see some of its characteristics and game mechanics. What struck us most is that at times it reminded us of Need for Speed: Underground.

As you will see, the essence of Need for Speed Heat is to deliver a street racing experience where you can run at full speed with different models of car. In this way, it promises to be a game in which adrenaline, speed and car accidents will reign.

An interesting element of Need for Speed Heat is that the police will behave differently depending on the time of day. That is, when they are early in the morning, the authorities will behave well and try to catch you with relative tranquility. That said, once the sun goes down they will do everything possible to pay for not respecting the speed limit. This will reach the point where there will even be helicopters that will chase you.

Another important point of Need for Speed Heat is that you can customize your car with several parts to change its features. In addition, you will have the opportunity to customize it to stand out when you are running on the asphalt. To give you a taste of this system, Ghost Games launched NFS Heat Studio, an application already available that will allow you to check all the customization options and have a car to your liking when the game debuts.

Check out the new gameplay trailer below.