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Necropolis release date announced for March 17 2016

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The studio Harebrained Schemes, the most famous studio for the creation of a tactical role-playing game called Shadowrun Returns, has announced the release date for its next project. Called as Necropolis, announced just over a year ago, it will be released on March 17 2016 on Steam. Pre-orders will be opened on February 2.

Necropolis Game Screenshot
Necropolis Game Screenshot

But the release date is not the only game-related news. Developers said that the project will add support for the cooperative for four.

“Everyone saw how much fun will be playing in the Necropolis alone, but by trying to co-op with friends, we were stunned – said the manager of the studio Mitch Gitelman. – If you think you chat with friends and co-op destroy monsters – it’s fun, then you will definitely enjoy the game.”

Necropolis is a third-person adventure inspired with Demon’s Souls combat system. A strip of endurance, the ability to put a block, light and heavy attacks, magic and other features reminiscent of the works of From Software.

In Necropolis, you play the as chosen one who tries to escape from the prison of magician Abraxis. You defeat your enemies by studying their attack patterns and anticipation. “With good timing and clever alternation between fast and hard attacks have the most success,” says Harebrained Schemes.

The game world in Necropolis keeps on changing. If you die, these scenes are so unfamiliar to you again. In the game itself, you also have the option to change the world. This allows you to solve puzzles for example.

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