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NBA Live 16, Live Pro-Am free download on September 15 for PS4

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NBA Live 16 is going to come on September 29. This game features amazing sports based gameplay and those who want to test this out can go for the free edition that is going to appear on September 15th. The name of this free edition is  Live Pro-Am free down. It is exclusively coming on PS4. There will be a limited access to the free demo that will let users to test  NBA Live 16. The free demo will let players to have a look on the different gameplay modes. Among which one is two different online gaming modes. This is first introduced in the game. Both are new and offer you two things to test out. The first one is Summer Circuit and the second one is Live Run. These two modes have a different type of challenges. In Summer Circuit you can play with your friends online and it will give you a co-operative experience.

NBA Live 16 Pro-Am Image
NBA Live 16 Pro-Am Image

In NBA Live 16, there will be a career mode where you will be travelling to different places and playing variety of matches. The second one is Live Run mode. This mode gives you a 5vs5 match. This will be played up to 21 points. So there are ample of things to try out in the demo. With this the players also get a chance to have a Mobile Companion app. This app will help the players to create a virtual player on the basis of their customization choices. The app will come after the demo release. Checkout the below gameplay trailer of NBA Live 16.

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