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NBA 2K20: First Non-Skippable Ads Spotted Irritating Players

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As happened in NBA 2K19, even in NBA 2K20 the first non-skippable ads in the game appeared, which is irritating a lot of players lately. The controversy that arose from it is always the same: why does a game that costs sixty dollars ($60 USD) basic provide extra invasive and annoying forms of monetization?

The question is legitimate, but we must consider that the NBA 2K series is criticized every year for these collateral aspects, we would dare to say, but it continues to sell very well anyway, to the point that NBA 2K20 is the most sold game in the USA in 2019 (at least until now). In short, to criticize is right, but then we should go to the facts, and this can only be done by the players.

We remind you that NBA 2K20 is available for PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4. It is not the only 2K game to be the subject of fierce discussions in this autumn of 2019. Indeed, we say that WWE 2K20 has outclassed it, with a lot of hilarious bugs in-game.