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NBA 2K18 confirmed for Nintendo Switch

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As everyone already imagined after the breakthrough revelation of Nintendo Switch, 2K Sports has announced that NBA 2k18 will be available on this new console.

Advertisements for Nintendo Switch do not stop in its rate of occurrence. As it is now another third-party developer, specifically 2K Games, confirming an external development for the aforementioned console. We are talking about NBA 2k18.

It is important to note that this title is still in development, so at the moment we do not know many details about it and its version for Nintendo Switch. All we know is that, according to a statement from Nintendo, NBA 2K18 will be available sometime in September 2017.

If we go by what we saw in the advance revelation of Nintendo Switch, the chances are that NBA 2k18 will take advantage of the different modes of gameplay offered by this console. So there is a great possibility that you can use the JoyCon which includes the console to play 2v2 games with another of your friends having a Nintendo Switch.

As you know, NBA 2k18 is not the only sports title that is on its way to the Switch. In the presentation of the new console, EA confirmed that this year FIFA will make its return to Nintendo consoles as well.

Nintendo Switch will debut on March 3 and will cost $299.99 USD. Click here to see more related news on this hybrid console.