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NBA 2K Receives Woman Basketball Pros, Sexism Follows To Core

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Despite the controversy that has arisen in recent installments around its microtransactions, it cannot be denied that NBA 2K is by far the best basketball games franchise in history, at least in terms of simulation, however, its next installment has been found on unstable ground as the arrival of the WNBA was not well received by fans.

After 2K Sports announced that NBA 2K20 will feature all the WNBA teams and players will be able to enjoy the career and franchise modes with the stars of the US women’s league, a community sector soon criticized and launched insults and attacks against the decision. According to a report by Kotaku, the response of the fans after the announcement of the arrival of the WNBA to NBA 2K20 was not expected and immediately there were users who expressed their disagreement in forums because they considered that the women’s league is unnecessary in the game and just distracted the developers from “more important” things for the title.

Also, the wave of insults and teasing did not take long to arrive and a sector of NBA 2K fans had no measure to express their discontent in the worst way. The problem reached such a degree that the moderators of the NBA 2K20 forums have had to erase content constantly to try to end the attacks. In that sense, one of the moderators said that the reaction of the fans is strange because it is not the first time that the WNBA comes to a video game, since years ago it did the same in an NBA Live title of EA, but there the reaction was positive.

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NBA 2K20 will release on September 6 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.