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Navajo Nation Suggests Name ‘Code Talkers’ for Washington Redskins

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July 13, 2020, marked a historic day for Indigenous people across the globe. This comes after NFL’s Washington-based team announced to drop racist term of ‘Redskins’ from the team logo and name. People across the world are applauding their decision.

For generations, the team logo and name have been misrepresented against the real history and events that actually define the term Redskins. The newly suggested team name happens to be The Washington Code Talkers. However, the official statement is yet to be announced.

By renaming the team to Code Talkers, the authorities will honor the Navajo Code Talkers along with other tribal nations who used their language to help overcome World War II. The name change will set the team on the right path. Moreover, it will restore the reputation and correct the historical misrepresentation of Indigenous tribes.

The official announcement

On Monday morning, the NFL franchise announced that they’re changing the team nickname, which has been there since 1933. The changes will be effective immediately. The team announced that they are retiring the Redskins logo and name from the team.

Owner Dan Snyder and main coach Ron Rivera are actively working towards the development of new name and design. The changes will reflect the tradition that they are proud of. They also mentioned that it will inspire fans, communities, and sponsors for the next 100 years.

Here is what Washington QB Dwayne Haskins tweeted:

Flak faced due to having ‘Redskins’ in the team name

The team had already announced a review of the team’s name on July 3 after native American groups and sponsors were putting pressure on the team to bring the change.

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Brands like Nike have stopped selling merchandise that promotes Redskin. FedEx had spent millions across years for naming rights to FedExField in Maryland and had threatened to stop collaboration if the name wasn’t changed.

The President of National Congress of American Indians, Fawn Sharp who represents more than 500 tribal nations issued a statement to the team and asked for players to boycott playing until names were changed. Washington had long complained that native American groups were supportive of the nickname. Sharp long with NCAI called BS and couldn’t hide behind such claims any more.

We can also expect team names of Redtails and Warriors to be replaced soon for similar reasons.


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