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Nathan Fillion Teases Uncharted Related Announcement Coming Soon?

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Although Naughty Dog has left to rest the series of Uncharted, the fans of Nathan Drake wait for some announcement related to his adaptation to the cinema, which is a project that takes some years and whose responsibility falls on the director Shawn Levy. That’s why a publication on social networks ignited the hype of the fans because the shared images refer to elements of the games of the series.

A couple of publications of the actor Nathan Fillion on Instagram have caused a stir among Uncharted fans since yesterday because they consider it to be an announcement related to the franchise, specifically with his film, because at the moment there is no project on a new video game.

Yesterday, the actor published an image in which the face of the rapper Drake appears, but in the text of it placed the slogan in Latin Sic Parvis Magna, which becomes relevant in the first installment of the series, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, because it is associated with the motto of Sir Francis Drake, the pirate considered by Nathan Drake as his ancestor.

At the same time, the publication indicates the date of July 16 of this year, which led fans to think that there will be an important announcement about Uncharted that day.

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Just when the hype of the Uncharted fans was rising, Nathan Fillion took it upon himself to drive them crazy today with a new image showing a map, a magnifying glass, an old diary, a note from notebooks and old documents, just like those that Nathan Drake usually carries with him in all his games.

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So, we will have to wait until July 16 to see if the images of Nathan Fillion really have to do with an announcement related to Uncharted, in particular about his film, which would star Tom Holland according to reports.

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