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Naomi Osaka Won Australian Open 2021 Beating Jennifer Brady

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Naomi Osaka, the Japanese tennis star, won her Australian Open for the second time in 2021. She snatched the win with her constant dominance against Jennifer Brady, scoring 6-4, 6-3.

Jennifer Brady and Naomi were trading service breaks during the first eight games. But one of the women could get an appropriate momentum.

After a while, Osaka took advantage of Brady’s loose service game. It results in Naomi taking the first set with 6-4.

There was no stopping for Osaka from that first set win. She swiftly broke twice to grasp the initial four games of the second set.

Although 25 years old American tennis player Brady claimed one break, that did not frazzle Osaka. She served out to win her career’s fourth grand slam.


Brady praised Osaka

Brady praised the new no. 1 tennis player Osaka for her efforts both off and on the court.

Brady said that Osaka inspires all the tennis lovers and players to make such amazing efforts to up her game. Many little girls who plan to pursue this game will get huge inspiration and encouragement from their achievements.

There was a huge effort to organize Australian Open 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic safety protocol. They could allow only 50 percent of spectators to see the final game. Osaka felt grateful as she performed her best in the tournament, winning her fourth grand slam title.

She thanked the audience and her fans for coming and supporting her during the match. The Japanese tennis star missed the audience presence in her last tournament. The energy while playing in front of the gallery of the audience is remarkable.

Osaka added that how the audience had poured their hearts out to the tennis world and coming to see the match was overwhelming. She considered herself privileged as she was able to play Grand Slam in this time of world crisis. It is not something one should take for granted. Osaka thanked everyone from the organizers, audiences, and her team.

Osaka vs. Brady Australian Open 2021 results

The 23 years old tennis player from Japan now joins the respected group of tennis legends like Roger Federer and Monica Seles. They all won their first four grand slam titles. These three are the only tennis players to achieve such a record in the Open era, i.e., since 1968.

She recorded 12-0 when she appeared eighth time at a Slam. Osaka showed immense grace while giving her speech after the win and praised her American counterpart, Jennifer Brady.

Naomi Osaka beat Brady with 6-4, 6-3. Brady, although kept trying to pressurize Osaka, making her serve out the match.

The fact that Osaka got the lead of the match gave her opponent Brady no hope for a comeback into the game. She served out to claim her fourth grand slam and put herself into the list of legends.

Jennifer Brady didn’t lose her will

Brady had no intention to lose her hope as she claimed one of the fifth game breaks.

Brady was trying to go for broke while facing elimination. Then she could  have broken the serve of Osaka.

Then she would be able to get back herself in the game holding the serve.

Osaka held her serve and put the pressure again on Brady. Osaka rebounding herself in the game, scored 6-4 5-2.

Osaka’s contestant dominance in the second set

Naomi was never short of her dominance in the second set.

She took the lead of 4-0, breaking Brady once again.  Finally, it was 6-4, 4-0.

Osaka sailed ahead

There was nothing that could control the sheer dominance of the Japanese tennis player in the second set.

Osaka sailed ahead with her best of instincts. She was in a hurry to break early in that set.

Osaka would integrate to snatch the first three games of the second, scoring 6-4 3-0.

Osaka claimed the first set

Naomi Osaka claimed the opening set 6-4 after a quid pro quo set.

It seemed initially that the set could go to a tie-breaker, but Osaka had an advantage and earned a set point by clinching a fortunate break.

Osaka claimed her first set in 45 minutes. She was then only one set distant from winning her fourth grand slam.

Jennifer Brady and Naomi Osaka trade hold

Normality did not come back in the game before the two breaks. Jennifer and Naomi were trading the service holds.

Jennifer had to face an opportunity to save a breakpoint, but Osaka’s effort was conventional. They both were struggling with the ball tossing into the wind.

Osaka improved her first service percentage as, eventually, she held.

Osaka returned the favor with a chance saved to continue the game on serve 5-4.

Brady fiercely fights back

Jennifer Brady never backed down as she took the break urgently.

Although Osaka showed sheer confidence, Brady forced her to make a backhand error. Brady then got the game back on serve.

Brady would integrate the break to the game 3-3.

Osaka extracts first blood

Naomi Osaka took the lead of 3-1 when she took the first break.

Brady was continuously struggling with her serve. She failed to find a way to clinch her first serve, which she needed badly. She then lost all 4 points. Finally, it was 3*-1.

Brady recuperate from shock

Jennifer showed quite a fearlessness in the opening service game.

Although she was able to get the initial three points but struggled to finalize them. The situation allowed Osaka to continue her dominance to get the game into deuce.

Osaka then holds out the serve 2-1* when Brady finally was to close out to even the scores.

Osaka’s flawless start

Naomi was aggressive from the start. She claimed the toss and served first, scoring 1-0 against Brady.

Less crowd made more “full” cheer

Melbourne audience came to watch the final after the lockdown. They showed immense excitement for the players.

Victoria Government laws stated that it would allow only fifty percent audience in the women’s and men’s final of Australian open 2021, keeping the safety measure in mind due to Coronavirus pandemic.

The crowd seemed to favor Osaka more and cheered her with immense noise, making her a perfect atmosphere to snatch her fourth grand slam title.