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My Hero Academia: Preview, Recap and Spoilers of Episode 22!

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My hero academia season 4 is coming with the 22nd episode, and La Brava will also be there.   So here we are going to talk about My Hero Academia season 4.

Release Date of My Hero Academia Season 4

My hero academia season 4 is coming with episode 22 so here we’ ll talk about all the possible details of the show. The episode 22 will release tomorrow Yes! On 14th March 2020, so let’s see where the story takes us.

Recap and The Spoilers of Upcoming Episode

Class 1 makes their final preparations for their musical performance before the school festival.  Mina works hard, which ensure that the dance choreography is handled well.

Moreover, at the festival Midoriya buy some supplies for the event when he met two mysterious figures. He identifies as La Brava and Gentle criminal.

The gentle criminal takes care of Midoriya as he is a potential threat to his plan. Well, all this turned into confrontation and before that Gentle criminal can attack UA. It will happen before alerting them by Midoriya.

La Brava and gentle criminal use the quirk and La Brava has no option besides to using gentle criminal’s quirk.

Tomorrow’s episode will feature Deku and Eri coming to school. Deku focuses on his training and tries to control newly discovered strength. Moreover, he will dedicate himself to teach him.

The show has no major league of villains, but gentle will play a big role in the show. Moreover, we will see Gentle as the dominating heroes. Well, let’s see what it has more to offer.