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Mutant Football League could come to Nintendo Switch in future

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Mutant Football League could reach to Switch, the new Nintendo console since its conversion is being valued by those responsible for this project who are now seeking funding on Kickstarter. There is also the possibility of the title for reaching mobile devices.

We get news related to another title that could end up coming to Switch: Mutant Football League. It is a very promising title already in Kickstarter campaign trying to achieve its goal of $60,000. Digital Dreams Entertainment, its developer, has shared its interest in the upcoming console of Nintendo, claiming that they are considering to release the game on Switch.

Digital Dreams plans to launch the game this year on PC and then next on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but Switch is a possibility on the horizon, just like mobile.

As explained in an update of their financing campaign, “At the moment our priority PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But once it done we are absolutely consider mobile version and Switch as well.”

In fact, Digital Dreams notes that “We already talking to Nintendo, but nothing decided yet. We are in talks with Nintendo and they like the project. We are huge fans of Nintendo and hope we can make this happen. We’ll keep you updated.”

We are confident that the title will finally be released on the new console of Nintendo, as it looks really promising. You can check it in the trailer that we leave below:

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