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Murder by Numbers Will Release on Nintendo Switch in 2020

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The multi-faceted, multi-talented and ubiquitous Mediatonic development studio and the irresistibly irreverent publisher The Irregular Corporation have announced that Murder By Numbers, most likely the only Hollywood-style investigative game inspired by the 90s detective stories you’ve always wanted to play, will come to Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) in 2020.

Murder By Numbers is a visual novel with a clear retro inspiration, embellished by a colorful cast resulting from the fervid imagination of Hato Moa (Hatoful Boyfriend) and from the music of the legendary Masakazu Sugimori (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Viewtiful Joe, Ghost Trick).

In Los Angeles, 1996, Honor Mizrahi is just an actress on a successful investigative TV show. When her boss dies a few minutes after firing her, however, she finds herself, in spite of herself, a protagonist of a mysterious murder story. Thanks to the help of SCOUT, a reconnaissance robot thrown away after an equally shady incident is determined to clean up its name. This is how a new pair of experienced investigators is born!

Investigate several cases and discover clues with the SCOUT sensors, deciphering hidden nonograms and putting the evidence together one pixel at a time. Use what you discover, questioning a series of bizarre and unforgettable characters among television studios, brilliant awards ceremonies, drag clubs and in many other circumstances to lay bare a much bigger truth, made up of conspiracies, deceptions and, of course … MURDER!

Private investigators with an unhealthy passion for vintage fashion who can’t wait to jump into the mysteries of Murder By Numbers would do well to turn their eyes to EGX 2019 on Saturday 19 October, as the development team will unveil more details on the game. For more information, visit the EGX website.

Check the announcement trailer of the game below: