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Multiplayer games: That’s why they’re so popular!

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Multiplayer games have enjoyed great popularity not only since World of Warcraft. The development is progressing steadily. In the past, gamers played with or against each other on consoles. With a split screen or via cable connection between the consoles. Then came the glory days of lan games, where primarily first-person shooters were played. With the appearance of World of Warcraft, a new phenomenon emerged: mass multiplayer games, where hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world populated the servers. Thanks to fast Internet and powerful computers, multiplayer games are already bordering hard on reality. Even casino games online can be played together with friends.

This is the history of multiplayer games – not only for the PC

Already in the 1970s, in the times of the arcade slot machines, a multiplayer mode existed on many devices. With the appearance of the first consoles in the 1980s, games were usually played on a split screen. Via “splitscreen”, the technology at that time allowed a combination of up to four players. Of course, multiplayer games were also very popular back then because the fun factor was much higher. However, the field of vision was severely limited because the technology split the screen. It wasn’t until the advent of LAN multiplayer technology in the early 90s that the experience was perfect.

First-person shooters with 16 players allowed an insane amount of fun playing against each other. Some role-playing games, for example, could also go multiplayer with a modem. Due to the rather modest graphical resolution back then, it didn’t require a sophisticated internet connection yet. Multiplayer parties were trendy for many years, and with World of Warcraft, MMOs got their big breakthrough. Unlike other multiplayer games, these games work exclusively online. Millions of people worldwide still dive into the world of Internet role-playing games and World of Warcraft is still one of the TOP sellers in this category.

However, many MMOs require users to have their own paid account. With the sale of the games alone, the budget of the manufacturers is not sufficient to program ongoing updates and pay the server costs and support. Accordingly, paid subscriptions are justified. Pretty much at the same time as mass multiplayer games, the first mobile multiplayer games came onto the market. With a smartphone and an Internet connection, mobile games can be played in multiplayer mode.

The best example of a multiplayer first-person shooter – Counter-Strike

Hardly any other first-person shooter heralded the era of multiplayer like the classic Counter-Strike. In 1999, the shooter saw the light of day and still inspires a huge community today. The two developers Jess Cliffe and Minh Le first developed a beta version. This was expanded with a modification of just 8 megabytes, which included some weapons and game cards. Numerous updates to date and, above all, the lively community of players from all over the world have made Counter-Strike the game it has remained to this day: the start of the eSports scene. Even after more than 20 years of history, the game is one of the most popular multiplayer games, whether in solo mode, within a lan network or online via the internet.

In some cases, prize money in the millions beckons at Counter-Strike competitions and the winners become famous in the scene. Of course, the graphics have also improved significantly, even if many players still prefer the style of version 1.6. In any case, the game is constantly being developed in terms of realism and the engine. Minor bugs are quickly ironed out and the community also helps the developers with tips and advice. This is certainly one of the reasons why multiplayer games are so popular. Because there is often a community behind it and they actively participate in the development.

These are the most popular multiplayer games at the moment

Players have been playing the classic League of Legends since 2009. Nevertheless, the game has not lost its fascination. Basically, it’s about penetrating the enemy base together with your team of other players and eliminating the “nexus”. More than 140 different characters are one of the reasons why it simply doesn’t get boring. Of course, the fact that only the group of players in the alliance is able to master the tasks also inspires enthusiasm. That’s exactly what makes multiplayer games so fascinating. By the way, League of Legends is actively played in e-sports. Complete championships, with prize money and live TV broadcasts, make the game an absolute event.

For those who like racing, Forza Horizon 5 is an “open-world racing game series” with the fifth part. Numerous modes and, of course, the multiplayer mode ensure numerous fans of the racing game series and currently the game finds itself at the top of the popularity scale. But the GTA series – especially in the integrated multiplayer mode – is clearly one of the most played games worldwide. It is important to note that the multiplayer mode is also constantly being expanded and improved. Want to go on a heist or a car chase? Try GTA Online! The absolute multiplayer classic is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. At least on consoles, the game is almost a must-have. More than 40 characters and various arenas and game modes ensure fun for the whole family.

Currently (again) popular is also Apex Legends. After the surprise in 2019, when the game became a bestseller, the game made a comeback in 2021. New maps, the Arena mode and other improvements, just don’t let the buzz around the shooter die down. For sports fans, especially soccer, of course the FIFA series has a lot to offer. Every year the developers bring out the latest version (always with the year). Unbeaten on the subject of soccer simulations. The graphics and technology are constantly improved and all the latest soccer stars are implemented with their skills. Great fun to play and guaranteed one of the reasons why multiplayer games are still so popular.

The trend is clearly going in the direction of multiplayer

Most games – whether for the PC, for consoles or for the smartphone – also offer a single-player mode. But who wants to play against the computer AI? Together in a group or as human opponents, multiplayer mode is simply much more fun. In addition, the technology has constantly evolved and only an Internet connection is required. Regardless of whether it’s a browser game, PC game or MMO, multiplayer is in vogue. Large events in the eSports area provide further entertainment, and the fascination of defeating human competitors or simply mastering large tasks with other real players will certainly ensure a further and long-lasting boom in multiplayer games for all platforms.