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Multiplayer Game Cheats, Why do People Use Them?

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Multiplayer games have existed since the early 1980s, but bypassing the rules of the game (hacking) popularized with a very famous game of all time, GTA Vice City. As kids, we used to enter preexisting cheat codes made available by the game creators, but why do people use them?

There’s not a big and complicated theory behind it, people use cheat codes because they don’t want to reach the final mission quickly, and that’s a fact. But there are several other reasons, which we will discuss below. So without waiting further, let’s begin.


Why are game hacks a huge debate nowadays?

There was a time when game hacking was done for fun or to clear a too difficult level. Still, over the past few years, online gaming/multiplayer gaming has become a business, a tournament where millions of dollars are involved.

The gaming industry is valued at over US$208.60bn and will cross 300 billion by 2026. However, the esports industry is valued at $1.38 billion as of 2022, which shows that people are playing games for money. Therefore, hacking to winning games is considered illegal and falls under unfair practices.

Multiplayer games such as CSGO, Valorant, and PUBG organize tournaments consisting of the best players in the world, and if someone with 0 knowledge and a handful of hacks wins against them, it’d be so unfair to the ones who have hustled so much to reach to the top.

Why do people even use cheats/hacks in multiplayer games?

For satisfaction

Gaming hacks give a different level of satisfaction, especially when you suck at playing games. My aiming skills are below average. I tried the aimbot hack from OCheats and enjoyed playing the game. I used the hack for my own satisfaction here, so it is not really unfair, as long as I am using it for self-pleasure.

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To unlock in-game items

Another reason why people use game cheats in multiplayer games is to unlock in-game items that they may not be able to get through normal play. In-game items may consist of player skins, weapon skins, vehicles, vehicle skins, custom locations in maps, and more.

For example, in a game like Call of Duty, some players may want to obtain all the weapons and gear available for their character. By using a cheat code or hack, these players can bypass the normal gameplay requirements and gain access to items they wouldn’t usually be able to acquire.

Teammates are not performing well

Multiplayer games are a great way to spend time with friends, but they can also be frustrating if teammates do not perform well. That’s why some players turn to cheats or hacks in order to make their teammates play better.

Cheats and hacks can change the game in several ways, from making enemies weaker so that friends can take them down more quickly to giving players an unfair advantage over others.

Sometimes these tools are used for fun, but other times they may be used for competitive purposes. It’s important to understand why people use cheats and hacks before judging them, as there may be good reasons for using them.

Hacking to complete a very difficult mission

Multiplayer games are a great way to spend some quality time with your friends, but they can also be frustratingly difficult. That’s why players resort to hacks and cheats to complete a very difficult mission.

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Some game hacks give you unlimited ammo and health, which can be really helpful in a tight situation. Other cheats simply give you an unfair advantage, giving you the ability to kill enemies easily or bypass difficult obstacles.

There are many reasons why people use multiplayer game cheats, but most often, it is because they want an edge over their competition. Some players feel that cheating gives them a sense of power and control over the game world, while others just enjoy getting ahead no matter what the cost.

Is hacking a multiplayer game illegal?

Is hacking a multiplayer game illegal? In short, the answer is yes – it can be considered cheating if you’re using tools or methods that the game’s developer doesn’t officially sanction. You may even get banned.

But some hacks, like the ones coded by OCheats, are super safe to use and remain undetectable. You should always use a hack after knowing the history of its previous versions and developers.

Lastly, I’d only say that using hacks is not a crime, and no one’s going to put you behind the bars for that, so use hacks and enjoy the game.