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Movies and Games That Have Strong Cosplay Followings

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For a long time now, the world of cosplay has captured the imaginations of people. Cosplay is more than just a hobby for some – it’s something that they genuinely can build their lives around. Let’s see movies and games that have strong cosplay followings.

A passion to so many. If you’re unfamiliar, cosplay is simply the practice of taking characters from movies, TV shows, video games, comics, and other media, and inserting yourself via costume. People are enthused enough to travel to entirely new parts of the world to meet like-minded people and enjoy conventions regarding it all. 

So many blockbuster movies and games have given birth to cosplay ideas and followings over the past few decades, and it’s awesome to see some of the creations at play. If you’re interested, then here are seven wonderful games, TV shows, and movies that so many people have engaged in cosplay for. Perhaps they’ll open your eyes and let your creative juices flow a little: 

Fortnite Cosplay

Fortnite became somewhat popular towards the end of 2017 as a few big-name streamers decided to give it a go. By the middle of 2018, it became a gigantic phenomenon. It’s a very basic concept, but this basic concept means it can be continued on again and again. 

They do this by adding different characters to the same game every few months – as well as other updates. Over the course of the past four years or so, cosplay fans have taken all kinds of different characters from the game and used them for their own fun!

The Witcher

For a while now, the Witcher video games have been popular. The storyline is awesome and allows everyone to let their imagination flow all over the place. Geralt’s job is to deal with any and all creatures that pose a threat – for a fee, of course. 

The aura and look of his character encourage plenty of cosplayers to emulate him. The beautiful women in the show and the games also have plenty of imitators at conventions. The likes of Yennefer, Ciri, and Triss are very popular with fans of the video game series. 

Suicide Squad 

A few years ago, you probably saw the Suicide Squad and the hype around it. Even if you didn’t watch the movie, you probably know about the characters – well, one in particular. We’re, of course, talking about Harley Quinn. As soon as Margot Robbie donned that outfit and put it out there for all to see, you just knew men were going to fawn and women were going to want to have a piece of that and run with it.

Harley Quinn’s character has been used in all kinds of things going forward – from parties to cosplay porn, her looks and mannerisms have been maximized all right!


This is more of a lighter-hearted option and one that pretty much anyone can get on board with! Pokémon has been around for a long time now and everyone knows what it’s about. 

There are hundreds of different characters to choose from so, if you’re ever interested, you’ll only be bound by your creativity. You see plenty of different costumes at conventions that are relating to different owners and Pokémon alike. 

The Avengers 

You must have been hiding under a rock for the past fifteen years if you aren’t aware of the Marvel Comic Universe. Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, and so on. If you’re looking to cosplay, then you’re not going to find many better characters to play with than these. 

Due to the franchise’s personality, this is probably going to be the most popular answer and the one you thought of before you even began considering what might be on the list. 

World Of Warcraft


World Of Warcraft took the gaming world by storm in the 00s. There is so much to do and, with that, we saw all kinds of different opportunities around. 

People met new friends and formed all kinds of different kinships. Due to the array of characters and the different things you can do with them, cosplaying was always going to happen, right? 

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is one of the most famous characters in gaming and movie history. She’s a legend – not only because Angelina Jolie portrayed her so well, but because of her awesome ability to look so poised and calm while doing everything she does. If you head to conventions, then you’ll likely see a few Lara’s flying around.