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Most Expensive Pro CS: GO Inventory

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In the domain of recent amusement video games are the game changers in fascinating the generation Y. Some of the most prevalent video games of this era have put a deep impression on the professional world as programming the games has been a very widespread career option for a lot of people. It doesn’t necessitate you to an old-fashioned 9 to 5 workplace or so. You can work with all your mind’s eye and ingenuity in it and can customize the game as you want. The cinematic sports have transported the fresh age group in such a stage that for them gaming has been much more than their occupation. Like the corporeal sports occasions, World Series tournaments on these video games have started and the champions get a huge amount of prize money.

Fundamentally Counter Strike is played in a multiplayer mode where you can play with more than one player in your team. This is a game of war, where there are players against you as terrorists. You are the part of the anti-terrorist squad and you have to make all the plans of these terrorist groups dysfunctional. They generally plant bombs in the city, make the common people as their hostiles and so on. In this game, you have to take the part of a reliever to these people.

Development and the First Release

The Counter Strike was first propelled in 1999 on Windows with an identical name. A very widespread game called Half-Life was reformed by Minh Gooseman and Jess Cliffe and then the “Intellectual Property Right” was occupied by Valve. Quickly after that in 2004, the designers decided to create a sequence of the game named Counter Strike and that was termed as Counter Strike: Condition Zero. It was developed in the “Turtle Rock studios”. The custom of the advancement of the game got initiated and in November of a similar year and with the name as Counter Strike: Source was unconstrained by Valve. This game was the first to run on the freshly formed Source Engine by Valve. The fourth release of the games of the Counter Strike chain was entitled as Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This was unconfined in 2012 by Valve and it is accomplished to run on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, OS X and Linux also. The corporation who aided Valve to cultivate the fresh game was besides intricate in the issue of Counter Strike: Source.

CS: GO Series

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The CS: GO has got nine modes in it. The competitive model divides the players into two teams that fight against each other. There are 5 players in each team and there are almost 45 minutes for each match. In the casual mode along with the deathmatch mode, the players can play with a bit of relaxation. Unlike the other modes, the players don’t have to register a friendly fire with their teammates as these two modes are to get at par with the game. After all, these come to the arms race mode where the players get engaged with each other in the race of up-gradation of their weapons available with them. In the Demolition mode, the players get the ability to defuse the bombs planted in different areas.

In wingman, the players have to defuse bombs and it has fifteen rounds to play. It is a competitive mode where the players get a companion on the basis of their abilities. In the Flying Scoutsman mode, the players are featured with the SSG 08 and an advanced knife which can also be used while the players have to play in gravity fewer places. The latest addition in the difficulty level is the Danger Zone and in this mode, the players have to play against more than 16 players at a time. In this game, every player is given a knife and a tablet and then they have to go for the search of other weapons. Global Offensive got some new weapons and equipment for the players which were not available in the previous versions. Among them, there are some knives that are very rare and expensive in terms of their price and have got the title of the most expensive CSGO knife.

1. M9 Bayonet Crimson Web

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The most expensive and rare knife of the game CS: GO. This knife has a very unusual type of structure and look. This is just incredible with its look. The jet black colored handle which is set just next to the pristine and the blade of the blood-red color makes it the best finisher of the game. The players are always ready to pay nearly the price of $3500 for this so that they can use it as per their requirements.

2. Karambit Doppler

This knife is available in different patterns whereas the most loved one is the Ruby pattern. The amazing color combination of the knife makes it adorable. It comes with an incredible look at the Karambit. This knife known as the Ruby Doppler is the rarest knife of the game and has the price of a minimum of $1500.

3. M9 Bayonet Doppler

This knife comes with a rare variant with the sapphire pattern of all the knives available in the Doppler series. The deep and glossy blue color makes it one of the rarest knives of the series. The shining and heavy blade is enough to earn a prestigious position from anyone in the game.

4. M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler

This knife also comes with the variations of sapphire and ruby patterns. There is a newer version also of this knife which is the Emerald version which has made it one of the most favorite weapons of the game. The knife is available in not less than $2700 to the players.

5. Karambit Case Hardened (Blue Gem)

This is one of the rarest knives of the game and is the most precious weapon. The availability of various colors and their combinations has made it the most wanted weapon of the game. Due to these variant features and the demand, it costs almost $ 5000 to $10000.

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