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The most expensive phone in the world in 2020

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Do you know which are the most expensive phone in the world ? What is your budget to buy a mobile phone? If your answer does not have a figure, perhaps you have found your new smartphone to flirt on Tinder or download some of the most expensive apps in the world.


Therefore Find out which are the most expensive phone in the world , a list of some of the rarest phones ever invented. Intended for consumers of extreme luxury, each one has that special something that makes them unique and extremely expensive. In this article, I’ll describe a few valuable phone reviews. So. let’s get started.



Getting Know: The most expensive phone in the world in 2020


Therefore some have perfect batteries and processors, in most cases, the software is similar to that of many mid-range cell phones. The value is mainly given by the details in the design and the luxurious decorations. Here are the few expensive phone details are given below:


1)    Goldvish Revolution


Goldvish Revolution created by the Swiss company Goldvish and is one of the different phones in the world. The phone’s shape is noticeably different from the others; it has rounded ends and made of pink and white gold, diamonds, sapphire glass screen, and the best leather. In addition to that, the phone also has a detachable Frédéric Jouvenot analog watch. The Revolution is part of a series of 32 units and one of the most expensive and exclusive phones created, coming to value at $ 500,000.


2)    Gresso


It is a brand specialize in luxury smartphones and accessories. Many of their phones use gold and made by hand, such as the Gresso Regal Gold, with 18K yellow gold on the phone’s entire back surface. Another of its materials are titanium or white gold.

The Gresso REgald Gold contains a 5-inch HD screen with 1080p resolution and protected with the Gorilla Glass system.

Its front camera has 5 megapixels, while the rear has a 13-megapixel sensor. Its processor is four cores; it has 2 GB of RAM and an internal memory of 32 GB.


3)    Diamond Crypto Smartphone


The Diamond Crypto Smartphone was once considered the most expensive phone in the world. It was also one of the safest thanks to its encryption technology, specially designed to keep confidential owner information safe. Most of the phone made of platinum, while its logo and home button made of rose gold. It also features a fair amount of diamonds, including ten rare blue diamonds, and Makassar ebony wood on the sides.


4)    iPhone 4s Elite Gold


Therefore, Continuing his mission in the luxury phone market, Stuart Hughes decided to break the record for the most expensive phone in the world with an iPhone 4s valued at $ 9.4 million. The multi-million dollar phone covered in 500-carat diamonds and its back panel and logo made of 24-carat gold. Its case is up to scratch, made of solid platinum with polished pieces of T-REX dinosaur bone and rare gems like Opal, Pietersite, or Charoite. Check out this comprehensive guide for how to unlock iPhone models like the Elite Gold.


Conclusion on the most expensive phone in the world


I hope now you know well about the most expensive phone in the world. If you can buy any of them, you can buy them without any doubt. If you have any ques, you may know us via email.