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Here’s the Most-Downloaded Games on Nintendo Switch in 2017

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The Nintendo Switch eShop has a variety of digital titles that offer gaming experiences for gamers of all profiles. While the store allows us to see which are the most popular games in our region, it is likely that on more than one occasion you have asked what are the most successful launches worldwide. To get you out of doubt, Nintendo has published a list in which it reveals the same information.

In it, Nintendo mentions that Stardew Valley was the most downloaded game on the Nintendo Switch eShop worldwide. Following the steps are acclaimed titles such as Minecraft, Sonic Mania, and Rocket League.

In the second list, Nintendo revealed that Minecraft was the digital release for Switch that got more downloads in the Japanese eShop. Other titles that were a hit at the store in this region were Senran Kagura, Kamico, Snipperlipcs and Metal Slug 3.

It is important to note that in none of the 2 list there are popular releases like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey or Splatoon 2. Thus, it seems that it only takes into account launches that originally debuted as exclusive to the digital format.

Most Popular Games Worldwide:
1. Stardew Valley
2. Minecraft
3. Sonic Mania
4. Rocket League
5. Snipperclips
6. Overcooked
7. Shovel Knight
9. Kamiko
10. SteamWorld Dig 2

Most Popular Games in Japan:
1. Minecraft
2. Snipperclips
3. Senran Kagura
4. Kamiko
5. Metal Slug 3
6. Overcooked
7. King of Fighters 98
8. Vs. Super Mario Bros.
9. Othello
10. Strikers 1945

In other news, NPD Group announced that Switch was the most sold console in the United States during December 2017 and several of its titles achieved a place among the most popular games last month.

Have you ever imagined that these would be the most popular games in the eShop? Have you purchased any of these titles ion Switch? Tell us in the comments below.